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Toadstool IRL

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The Pick of Destiny

Was recently reminded of the awesome tripping scene in Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny, where Jack Black eats some mushrooms (not amanitas) and goes to a land of psychedelic mushrooms (amanitas, in funny colors) and sasquatch.   Gotta … Continue reading

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Another set of toad-stools (click the Furniture tag for more), this one to accompany a Mario video game, appropriately!

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Toadstool Pentagram

“Toadstool Pentagram” by Sarah Anne Lawless “A pentagram of poisonous, psychoactive mushrooms — toadstools. Such fungi have long been associated with witches, witchcraft, and fairies due to their dangerous nature. Fly Agaric with its red skin and white spots is … Continue reading

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Toad Stools

Only a few weeks after posting this DIY trick for Amanita muscaria seating, I found a plethora of other such ideas… From Martha Stewart (of course):   From Running with Scissors:   From Dollar Store Crafts:   From (the appropriately … Continue reading

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Toadstool seating

I’ve covered some other mushroom furniture before, but this simple DIY trick is probably my favorite: from Conscious Gardening

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