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Christmas Toadstool

A little late this year, but here’s an obligatory Christmas-related Amanita image. “Christmas Toadstool” by FreeRangeFaeries on Etsy

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Slavic Mushrooms

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The Shamen

Check out 90’s Scottish electronic music sensations The Shamen in their video for “Comin’ On” – what better to accompany men in speedos and gold body paint than a field of lovely Amanita mushrooms! (And at one point, the person … Continue reading

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Riding Windhorses

“A more potent hallucinogen, the mukhomor [Russian name for A. muscaria] mushroom, has been connected with Siberian and Mongolian shamanism from ancient times. While mushrooms are not always consumed during shamanist rituals, shamans may consume the dried mushrooms in order … Continue reading

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Newly added to the Resources page: “Poisonous Mushrooms Used in Ur-Orgies” – a chapter from Scatalogic Rites of All Nations by John G. Bourke, 1891 (PDF of scanned pages from book, uploaded to this site) Despite its age, this piece of writing is … Continue reading

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The English Prophet

Absolutely love this painting by Chas Alexander, called The English Prophet. The amanitas are just a bonus.

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Witches in the Woods

Artist Rima Staines writes about illustrating the tale The Old Woman in the Woods: The Fly Agaric Mushroom (Amanita Muscaria), that little white-spotted red-cap growing deep in the forest that appears so very often in fairy tale illustrations is a … Continue reading

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mouse shaman

I just love this one so much: “Soma” by ursulav via deviantART

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