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Another deviantART round-up

“Amanita Dreams” by jslattum “Amanita” by airin-ater “Amanita Muscaria” by Sobii “Witch by the name Amanita” by IrenHorrors “apothecary Amanita” by NadinePau

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Mushrooms, Reindeer, Shamans and Santa

Worth watching for the depiction of bemushroomed reindeer.

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Santa’s high again

It’s almost Christmas, which means it’s time for a round of “Santa Claus is a metaphor for fly agaric mushrooms” stories on the internet. Discerning readers will note that it’s always the same few scholars being quoted for these – … Continue reading

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Santa is born

…and of course Amanitas are there! This illustration is by Christina Tom, for a book of imaginary Finnish tales that the Regretsy blog is funding through Kickstarter. It apparently depicts Santa Claus immediately after his birth, fully grown, with all … Continue reading

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And I thought *I* had mushrooms on the brain…

For some people, everything becomes a mushroom. Here’s a great example which moves from Santa to the Pope to Easter eggs to the Holy Grail to video games. Since it’s the season for it, I’ll post my favorite image here, … Continue reading

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Santa in Wonderland

Continuing on the Santa theme… I’ll be tackling Alice in Wonderland later on, but had to post this one now: a 1943 comic book portraying Santa Claus coming to Wonderland and munching merrily on a psychedelic mushroom. Sure, it’s not … Continue reading

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Mushroom Santa

A lot has been made of the supposed connection between Santa Claus and A. muscaria – mostly because of the red-and-white colors (unlikely, when you consider that Santa’s classic costume is mostly an invention of advertisers, less than 100 years … Continue reading

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