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Jesus Was a Mushroom: Musical Edition

I’ve mentioned before that John Allegro thinks Jesus was a mushroom (he’s not the only one, but he wrote the book on it). Apparently someone else found this amusing and wrote this song about it:

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From the Bodies of the Gods

What does Amanita muscaria have to do with ancient cannibalistic death cults? I guess I’ll have to read this book at some point to find out.

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The Mushroom in Christian Art

Here it is, another “Jesus was a mushroom” book. I swear, A. muscaria gets into people’s brains and makes them obsessed, they see mushrooms in everything (not that I know what’s that like, not at all). The Mushroom in Christian … Continue reading

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And I thought *I* had mushrooms on the brain…

For some people, everything becomes a mushroom. Here’s a great example which moves from Santa to the Pope to Easter eggs to the Holy Grail to video games. Since it’s the season for it, I’ll post my favorite image here, … Continue reading

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