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Mushrooms, Reindeer, Shamans and Santa

Worth watching for the depiction of bemushroomed reindeer. Advertisements

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Santa’s high again

It’s almost Christmas, which means it’s time for a round of “Santa Claus is a metaphor for fly agaric mushrooms” stories on the internet. Discerning readers will note that it’s always the same few scholars being quoted for these – … Continue reading

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Santa is born

…and of course Amanitas are there! This illustration is by Christina Tom, for a book of imaginary Finnish tales that the Regretsy blog is funding through Kickstarter. It apparently depicts Santa Claus immediately after his birth, fully grown, with all … Continue reading

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Reindeer and Amanita

Those who have done any research on Amanita muscaria use will have come across the legend that certain Northern peoples would drink the urine of reindeer who had eaten the mushroom, thereby getting high (it is a fact that the … Continue reading

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