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Dinner for Two

Míla Preslová, Večeře pro dva (Dinner for two), 2001

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The Realm of Possibility

In the YA fantasy book The Lost Track of Time by Paige Britt, mushrooms feature prominently. Our favorite mushroom even graces the forest on the cover (illustrations by Lee White): In the book, the heroine’s friend in the strange Realm … Continue reading

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Amanita in the Royal Garden

Just in time for the yearly Christmas-time Amanita-mania (Santa is an Amanita mushroom! Shamans gave Amanitas as gifts on the solstice! Reindeer fly because they are tripping on Amanita!), it turns out that fly agaric has been found growing in … Continue reading

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Don’t eat that mushroom

“Don’t eat that mushroom Mario” by maramasana on deviantART

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The goblins gather fly agarics…

“Fly Agarics” by John-Matrix on deviantART “The goblins gather fly agarics. They plant them in the bushes and trees and from there they wind up for children to eat.”

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Another deviantART round-up

“Amanita Dreams” by jslattum “Amanita” by airin-ater “Amanita Muscaria” by Sobii “Witch by the name Amanita” by IrenHorrors “apothecary Amanita” by NadinePau

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The Power of Poison

While in New York City, I made the obligatory visit to the American Museum of Natural History, which is currently having an exhibit seemingly made just for me – The Power of Poison. I looked all over for Amanita, but … Continue reading

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