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The wrong mushroom

Once again, we see that Amanita muscaria is the classic mushroom everyone thinks of, even when they are specifically talking about another mushroom. In this video, a couple Dutch kids try “magic mushrooms” – in particular, Psilocybe cubensis, as is … Continue reading

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The Pick of Destiny

Was recently reminded of the awesome tripping scene in Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny, where Jack Black eats some mushrooms (not amanitas) and goes to a land of psychedelic mushrooms (amanitas, in funny colors) and sasquatch. ¬† Gotta … Continue reading

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Advice from a Caterpillar

I’ve mentioned before that – contrary to popular belief – the mushroom on which the hookah-smoking caterpillar sits in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is not likely to be an Amanita muscaria.¬†Both Lewis Carroll’s original drawing in Alice’s Adventures Under Ground … Continue reading

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Babies should not be smoking hashish pipes

via Foxtongue on Flickr

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Is the Mario mushroom a drug reference?

This story showed up in my local news today. Is the mushroom from Mario Brothers a drug reference? Well, yes, technically – but not the type of “shrooms” they’re thinking of, and I bet many people have no idea what … Continue reading

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Amanita gracing the neon sign for the “Tokens” shop in Portland, Oregon.

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Peter Lindahl

Amanitas show up in several of Peter Lindahl‘s paintings, but my favorite is The Opium Witch: On his website, Lindahl writes: “with a cunning eye, you will notice I never quite completed it, having left out the hand of the … Continue reading

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