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October is Mushroom Month!

Here in the Pacific Northwest, autumn rains mean a sudden proliferation of mushrooms everywhere. It’s a glorious time for mycophiles. I’ve been doing some inner explorations with my favorite, A. muscaria, but I’ve also been having some more exoteric mushroom … Continue reading

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In Nature

“The Fly Agaric” by Toradh on deviantART “hedgehog” by jennomat on deviantART “Kids room commission II” by liselotte-eriksson on deviantART Mossy Mushroom Hat by Wandering Lydia (whose blog also features Amanita in the banner)

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Mushroom People

“Fly Agaric Faerie” by Liga Klavina “Fly Agarics” by iMEAO on deviantART Forest Children/Mushroom Baby Rattle by TheMermaidsMuse on Etsy

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Toad Stools

Only a few weeks after posting this DIY trick for Amanita muscaria seating, I found a plethora of other such ideas… From Martha Stewart (of course):   From Running with Scissors:   From Dollar Store Crafts:   From (the appropriately … Continue reading

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Toadstool Tutorial

vesssper on deviantART posts a wonderful tutorial on making miniature “toadstools” (aka, Amanita muscaria) out of polymer clay:

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Paper Doll

This cute little paper doll by the poppy tree can have either antlers or an Amanita hat!

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Elsa Beskow

I’ve been remiss in not mentioning Elsa Beskow before now. She was a Swedish author/illustrator of children’s books, some of which feature charming forest dwellers capped with Amanita mushrooms. A few of my favorites: And finally, Nushkie on Etsy made … Continue reading

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Fly Agaric Beret

From the mad_hattery Livejournal community: chronographia posts photos of their gorgeous hand-knitted and felted fly agaric beret.

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DIY Mushroom Crown

Melanie at Sweet Something shows step by step how to make a lovely crown with tiny amanita mushrooms, a perfect accessory for your romps through a fairytale forest…

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Mushroom Skirt

Shey shows how she modified an old skirt with a beautiful fly agaric design on the Modesty is Pretty blog (apparently, the mushroom was a nod to Smurfs nostalgia).

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