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Gravity Falls

In the magical, creature-filled Oregon woods of Gravity Falls, there appear to be a lot of amanitas, especially for summertime!   Advertisements

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Offering to Baba Yaga

by mr-biggs on deviantART

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The Realm of Possibility

In the YA fantasy book The Lost Track of Time by Paige Britt, mushrooms feature prominently. Our favorite mushroom even graces the forest on the cover (illustrations by Lee White): In the book, the heroine’s friend in the strange Realm … Continue reading

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You’ll turn into a mushroom

Funny post via Reddit: “Parents used to tell my only brother and I that we used to have another brother who turned into a mushroom from not taking a bath. Even added him to the family albums.”

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Ava & Lala

The movie Ava & Lala, which I recently included on my other blog Girls Underground, has a lot of Amanitas sprouting up amongst other, nondescript mushrooms in the magical Cloud Land. I’ve often noticed that even if no other mushrooms … Continue reading

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Fairy Rings

The fact that Amanita muscaria does not grow in rings can’t stop these folks… “Portal to Fairyland” by GZB on deviantART “Treehouse” by Paskhalidi on deviantART “ACEO Girl in Fairy Ring” by JoannaBromley on deviantART “Fairy Cottage” by noxx-ious on … Continue reading

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The goblins gather fly agarics…

“Fly Agarics” by John-Matrix on deviantART “The goblins gather fly agarics. They plant them in the bushes and trees and from there they wind up for children to eat.”

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