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Ava & Lala

The movie Ava & Lala, which I recently included on my other blog Girls Underground, has a lot of Amanitas sprouting up amongst other, nondescript mushrooms in the magical Cloud Land. I’ve often noticed that even if no other mushrooms … Continue reading

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Premier Automne

Still from the title frame of the beautiful short animated film, Premier Automne (watch it here).

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Fullmetal Alchemist

From what I can tell, these are screenshots from Fullmetal Alchemist. But I don’t know the context at all – if anyone does, please comment! Looks like the characters have suffered some ill consequences from eating Amanita mushrooms.

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Lush mushroom video

Thanks to reader Leathra for pointing out this video embedded in the product page for Lush’s Magic Mushroom Bubble Bars in my last post. If you thought that what was missing was an animation of the bubble bar mushroom playing … Continue reading

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A Mushsnail Tale

The Netflix description for the movie A Mushsnail Tale says: “This animated program is full of wild imagery that will appeal to children and those who are bored with reality.” How could I resist, especially when the main character is an … Continue reading

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