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One side will make you grow taller…

Alice Days once again approaches (May 4) and so I present more Alice amanitas! “Wrong World” by hopingxangel “Alice” by LoveSoup “The Mushrooms” by QuistisNoir “Waiting for My Hatter” by CelestialDreams22 “Who Are You?” by Queen-Kitty Advertisements

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Wolf Alice

Not surprising that a band called Wolf Alice would feature Amanitas in their music video! It starts getting trippy around 1:40. ┬áSome screen shots below.    

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Alice’s Allergy List

  Alice Days are almost here!

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Whoooo Are Youuuuu

“Caterpillar in Mushroom Field” by TCosbyJr

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Down the Rabbit Hole

To celebrate the upcoming Alice Days, here is some more Alice art with Amanita mushrooms, courtesy of deviantART: “Alice of Wonderland” by BriannaAngelakis “Alice in Wonderland” by moonchild_ljilja “Alice and the Caterpillar” by MichaelBrack “Gothic Alice in Wonderland Caterpillar” by … Continue reading

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Treehouse of Horror

The new, amazing intro sequence for The Simpsons’ 24th Halloween “Treehouse of Horror” episode was directed by Guillermo del Toro, and ends with Lisa tumbling down the rabbit hole and landing on a violet amanita! Watch the whole thing here:

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Wasted in Wonderland

Came across this flyer posted in my town. Fundraiser for some kind of event called Wasted in Wonderland, with an Alice theme, obviously. And look what mushrooms pop up!

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