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10ft tall Ancient Amanita Mushroom Gazebo on Etsy

“Yes, you read that right. This functional sculpture is a 10 foot tall Amanita Mushroom!! The cap is 8 feet wide and is lighted to create a magical sitting (or standing) area underneath that will be the focal point for your garden, sunroom, greenhouse or wherever you choose to add some fantasy & fun! It is a combination of Steel reinforced paper mache with a polystyrene hardcoat. LED lights behind glass windows and ropelights woven through the mushroom gills. Airbrush painted with a clear acrylic paint sealer. and lights up under the gills. This Magical, one of a kind sculpture took a team of 4 Artists 6 months to create. The attention to detail is impeccable, the trunk twists like an ancient Oak and you’ll feel as though you’ve fell down the rabbit hole right into Wonderland or perhaps walked into an enchanted Fairie Realm as you approach this magnificent life like sculpture.”

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