Only Lovers Left Alive


“In one oddly pedestrian scene in the otherwise fast-paced movie, Eve discovers a patch of Amanita Muscaria mushrooms–the iconic bright red ones with white spots. She squats to look at them and calls to Adam, ‘Have you seen these?!’ She is quite surprised and excited by their presence. A nice, long shot of the mushrooms follows as the two discuss why they are popping up out of season. Adam speculates that, like the energy-generating antennae he had built for his house, the mushrooms were receiving some kind of signals from the environment.

‘Just goes to show,’ Adam muses while looking straight into the camera, ‘we don’t know shit about fungi.’ Eve then tells the mushrooms, ‘You know you’re not really supposed to be here,’ and as she releases parted grass, the scene closes.”

(“Jim Jarmusch Outs Himself as a Mycophile in Only Lovers Left Alive” at FastCompany)

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