The hedgehog hero of several German children’s books, Mecki, apparently has an encounter with some fly agaric dwarfs in Mecki bei den 7 Zwergen:


According to this site, he actually smokes the mushroom and then sees the dwarfs become mushrooms themselves. Another such creature seems to be on the cover of a second Mecki book too:


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3 Responses to Mecki

  1. I had never seen or heard these stories before.
    Interesting. In the first photo, everyone is sleepy except for the mushrooms.
    That makes sense!

  2. Herta-Dana Governale says:

    Mother was german, so I grew with Mecki! Love him and his books. Thanks! Herta

  3. Rita says:

    My parents were German. I spent many summers in Germany. I love Mecki. Even had a Mecki doll!

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