A Mushsnail Tale

The Netflix description for the movie A Mushsnail Tale says: “This animated program is full of wild imagery that will appeal to children and those who are bored with reality.” How could I resist, especially when the main character is an Amanita mushroom that lives in a mushroom world?!

The movie begins with the quote: “Nothing is as resiliant, resourceful, and fun to squeeze as a mushroom” and it just gets better from there. This short animated film was clearly made with tongue firmly in cheek, because there are a lot of hilarious lines that would only be appreciated by adults, not children. I expected weird, but got much more.

The animation is mostly of the terribly cheap computer variety, but there are odd moments of beauty, such as when the main character walks to his grandfather’s house at night on a path of smaller (non-anthropomorphic) mushrooms that glow blue in the twilight. 

Definitely a must-see for lovers of mushrooms, psychedelia, and/or very weird children’s movies.

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