My Amanita Tattoo

I always knew I’d be getting an Amanita muscaria tattoo someday, and that day finally arrived. Of course, I have to share it here! First, though, a note about the day itself – We took a long, roundabout route to walk to the tattoo shop, keeping an eye out for actual mushrooms (they come up right about now around here, which is one of the reasons I chose to get the tattoo at this time). While we didn’t see any, we did see three separate Amanita representations! I took it as a very good sign. Fortunately, I had my camera with me.

First: someone’s leftover jack o’ lanterns from Halloween. I see a theme here, with the marijuana leaf on the other one, and then this lovely, classic Amanita outline:

Next: a ceramic Amanita outside someone’s house (this one is brown, but I still count it)

Finally: graffiti of the Mario mushroom near the college campus.

Those were a great prelude to getting my tattoo. I had decided on getting three mushrooms, to show the three basic stages of growth (the early button phase, the classic dome shape, and the later stage where it flattens out). I also knew that they had to be in full color, since Amanita’s color is its signature – in this case, I chose the shades I see most often locally: less cherry red, and more flame orange. They stand out even more since my many other tattoos are either black & gray, or only a slight hint of color. The Amanitas are growing from my lower back, which appropriately enough puts them directly beneath the ravens I have on my shoulders (it is raven’s bread, after all).

It was an extremely painful three hours, but I am thrilled with the results:

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