Alice’s mushroom

It’s that time of year again – May 4 is the day that Alice went down the rabbit hole, and I mark this with a grand celebration called “Alice Day” (or really, Alice Days, since it’s usually several days long). Seems only fitting to do an Alice-themed post here in preparation.

Now, technically speaking, the mushroom that features prominently in the story – the one that the caterpillar sits on, and which Alice eats later – is not a fly agaric. Tenniel’s original illustration shows a bland, unspotted mushroom, not quite the right shape either. Even Lewis Carroll’s own illustration doesn’t indicate a fly agaric. And yet, due to the psychedelic associations accrued to Alice over the years, and the obvious psychoactive qualities of the A. muscaria, the two have become merged in people’s minds.

“Nectar” by Nicoletta Ceccoli

via Alice in Super Wonderland

via Oddsock on Flickr

And for your very own Alice Day party, might I suggest:

Toadstool Tea Set

Mushroom & Bottle salt and pepper shakers (I actually own a set myself)

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