Amanitas on “Law and Order: SVU”

Another fun but somewhat erroneous A. muscaria reference on a tv show – this time it’s Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (Season 12, Episode 5). Turns out the victim was poisoned by four different species of South American mushroom, and the cops get to see a picture of all of them. Each genus of mushroom shown is real, but they inexplicably display an Amanita above the “Mycena” label, even though that’s the wrong genus entirely (wrong type of mushroom too – saprotrophic instead of mycorrhizal), and A. muscaria doesn’t grow in South America (not to mention – it’s not actually deadly, unless perhaps in ridiculously high doses). Sometimes it seems that fly agaric is so ubiquitous that people can’t help but use its familiar image, even when totally inappropriate or inaccurate. Screen shot below:

Law and Order SVU

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