So many mushrooms…

Via The Poisoner’s Grimoire:

I’ve never seen this many A. muscaria in one place – I think I would just go mad with joy.

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One Response to So many mushrooms…

  1. Please let me know who owns the copyright on the Amanita muscaria mushroom photograph in your article…..I may want to use this image in a forthcoming book titled, “Mushrooms, Divinity, and Man”…….In the last 17 years, I have found an abundance of archaeological evidence supporting the proposition that Mesoamerica, the high cultures of South America, and Easter Island shared, along with many other New World cultures, elements of a Pan American belief system so ancient that many of the ideas may have come from Asia to the New World with the first human settlers.
    I believe the key to this entire belief system lies, as proposed by the late Robert Gordon Wasson, in early man’s discovery of the mind-altering effects of various hallucinatory substances. The accidental ingestion of these hallucinogenic substances could very well have provided the spark that lifted the mind and imagination of these early humans above and beyond the mundane level of daily existence to contemplation of another reality. For more read….

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