Squirrels gathering amanitas

From Elva’s Field Notes, where she watches chickarees (a type of squirrel) gather a harvest for the winter, including amanitas:

“For a little variety he nibbles on mushrooms. The area offers both boletus and I’m pretty sure he is finding truffles. I even caught his neighbor holding a small, red amanita, just ready to take a bite when we disturbed him. Why can squirrels tolerate the toxins in amanitas and we can’t? Amanita look absolutely delicious.”

They are not, by the way, delicious. But it does appear that they don’t have the same psychoactive effect on many small animals, who have clearly nibbled on the mushrooms that appear in this area. Although they say that people have observed reindeer tripping on amanitas in Siberia, so who knows…

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One Response to Squirrels gathering amanitas

  1. Illisse says:

    I’ve seen squirrels tripping out on daffodil bulbs so to each their own I guess.

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