Hyphae Holidays!

Hyphae Holidays by Xenothere on deviantART

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It’s that time of year again.

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How To Make Wonder Christmas

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The Mushroom Hunters

Amanda Palmer reads Neil Gaiman’s poem “The Mushroom Hunters” about women as the original, natural scientists, accompanied by extraordinary cut-paper animation. And the cover image is an Amanita muscaria!

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Wrong again!

Another misidentification from pop culture:

In the Star Trek Voyager episode “Heroes and Demons,” within a holodeck Beowulf-based program, a so-called shieldmaiden shows the doctor a “most powerful plant” which her people brew into a potion drunk before battle, which brings the “spirit of the bear” and gives them extra strength in their swordfighting… they are obviously playing off of outdated theories that the Viking berserker warriors were high on a concoction of fly agaric. The doctor corrects her, saying that it’s a fungus called Amanita muscaria, and is more likely to produce convulsions, sweating and delirium. However, his pedantic moment is kind of undermined by the fact that the mushroom they are holding looks nothing like A. muscaria. It’s probably the most recognizable mushroom in the world, you’d think it wouldn’t be hard to get that right.

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Mush-Mush and the Mushables

New CGI animated series starring a fly agaric!



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Amanita meowscaria

Cat mushroom maneki-nekos from Japan:

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