Updated Resources List

I’ve updated the Resources section of this website with a pretty thorough list of books and articles concerning the fly agaric mushroom, everything from ethnobotany to chemistry to history to religion. Some of these pieces are educational, some of them are kind of insane (Amanita seems to inspire some strange ideas), but they’re all worth reading if you love the mushroom!

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Mushroom Girl

Photograph by Katie Eleanor

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Mushroom Things

Mushroom mailbox by zen Sutherland

“No truffle at all” mortar and pestle at ModCloth

Mini-mushroom bowling game by MuddyFeet at Etsy

“Make shroom for me” flats on ModCloth

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Gravity Falls

In the magical, creature-filled Oregon woods of Gravity Falls, there appear to be a lot of amanitas, especially for summertime!



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Happy Amanita Season!


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Offering to Baba Yaga

by mr-biggs on deviantART

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Mushroom Pigments

My favorite mushroom, painted with pigments made from other mushrooms:


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