Mushrooms at Goblinesquerie

Just added this little mushroom gnome reading a mushroom book to my Goblinesquerie Etsy shop:

Also still have these tiny fly agaric earrings – on clearance!

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They’re Magic Too

Fox News is not what any reasonable person would consider a reliable source of objective information, but still, one might think they could at least figure out which mushrooms are the “magic” ones. Pictured: Amanita muscaria, of course, not Psilocybe. Amanitas are, fortunately, still entirely legal in the U.S.

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Fast Fungi

From the August 2018 issue of National Geographic magazine:


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Most commonly used as a dairy bar (hence the “Milchpilz” or “milk mushroom” signs), these fly agaric-shaped kiosks were produced in the 1950’s in Germany and distributed throughout the country.




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Mushroom Hood

From Lalabug Designs:

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3D Target Fliegenpilz:


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Amanita Fields Forever

Paul McCartney playing the organ intro to “Strawberry Fields” in his home studio:


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